Welcome to Handmade Growlers by Carlburg Pottery

We have just taken down our Solo Gallery Show and have updated this website with all of the latest and greatest pieces we have available. We are constantly making growlers and striving to improve and bring new and fresh designs to market. The average time it takes for a Growler to be made is about a month...so please check back in with us periodically as the inventory will inevitabley change and rotate.  Face Jugs are highest in demand and also take the longest amount of time to create (15 minutes to throw it, then 4-6 hours sculpting alone, and another 3-4 hours for glazing in most cases - and this is just active handling and doesn't include drying or firing times) and my time to make them is very limited - but I do have a few ideas planned that I will be pursuing in the very near future.  I will update our FB pages as they get underway!

We pride ourselves on being the world's premier producer of one-of-a-kind, unique ceramic growlers that have been showcased on national television, and in numerous national and international print and web publications. Our growlers are highly sought after and can be found in collections across the globe.

Each growler is meticulously made by hand in rural northwest Montana by a Veteran-Owned and operated business.