The world's finest Handmade Growlers for Handmade Beer.
Where are our growlers made?
  • Each Carlburg Pottery Handmade Growler is meticulously made, one-at-a-time in our studio in northwest Montana.  Each goes through multiple stages until it is a finished piece; to include the throwing stage, hand sculpting/ addition of handles, drying, bisque firing (14+ hours), washing, glaze prep - under glazing, waxing, glazing, etc., glaze firing (another 16+ hours), and finally the decal firing if necessary (an additional 11+ hours). 
A Handmade Growler by Carlburg Pottery VS. a Cast ceramic growler / Glass growler - whats the difference?
  • Mass produced is mass produced is mass produced! If you want the same old growler anyone else can have then our growlers aren't for you.  If you want a functional piece of artwork that makes the entire tasting room stop and look at you walk in the door and ask you questions about your growler, well, then a Handmade Growler is what you are looking for. If that is not reason enough, consider this...
    • Ceramic is a natural insulator and our growlers will keep your beer colder, longer even on hot days. Cold beers a couple of hours after filling is not unrealistic. 
    • Flip-top lids seal in freshness and carbonation longer than the screw top lids found on glass growlers. *If not being used right away, growlers should be stored in the refrigerator.
    • Clay is opaque and completely blocks out light keeping beer from going bad. (Its a great concept and we're told its true - granted, we've never had beer in one of our growlers long enough to find out if this really happens)  

Can my Handmade Growler be used for bottle conditioning my home-brew?

  • Our growlers are not intended for bottle conditioning. Repeat. 

Why are the flip top lids better than screw top lids?

  • The screw top lids found on most glass growlers are actually manufactured in such a way as to release carbonation. The rubber gasket on the flip top style however, creates a tighter pressure seal that doesn't allow for the release of carbonation.  Each is custom fit by hand to ensure the tightest fit possible.
How do I replace my flip top lids?
  • Give us a call or send us an email if you should happen to wear out the gasket on your flip top and we will help you take care of it. 

How do you clean a Handmade Growler?

  • Immediately after emptying, rinse with hot water. 
  • Air dry upside down.
  • If it has been forgotten about and has dried, funky beer in it, rinse with hot water and a little dish soap, scrub with a bottle brush if necessary, rinse and air dry upside down. 
  • Growler can be placed in the dishwasher if necessary, but hand washing is preferred - this is a handmade piece of art after all. (If you still need to put it in the dishwasher...please remove the flip top so the silicone gasket doesn't dry out). 
Can you use them for other liquids?
  • Our growlers are great for just about any kind of liquid you can think of. 
Can you personalize or customize my growler?
  • At this time we will consider custom commissions. We ask that you email us with a very detailed description of what it is you are looking for, color preferences, images / logos to be incorporated, desired timeframe, and any other relavent / pertinent information. We will take all requests under consideration, but at our discretion may politely refuse to take on any project due to time restraints, nature of requests, limitations of either artist or materials, etc. as we see fit.  Please note, that if a request is accepted, the normal turn around time is approximately 30 days from start of work. Thank you for understanding. 

    What happens if I receive a broken growler upon shipment?

    • Please notify us immediately; either by phone or email.  Please hold onto all of the boxes and packaging materials, as well as the damaged growler.   We will then begin the insurance claim process on our end and work with you to either get you replacement going as soon as possible, or offer you a full refund. 
    What happens if my growler breaks?
    • If you believe your growler broke due to a defect in the way we made it, we will ask you to send us either the actual growler, or photos for us to evaluate. We are the only growler maker that Pressure Tests it's growlers - if what you have looks like what we have created in our extensive testing procedures - we will replace it no questions asked.
    What if I break my growler?
    • We get it. Accidents happen. If you would like us to replicate a specific growler for you we will try to accommodate your request and special arrangements will try to be made.  However, if your growler however has been damaged due to normal wear and tear, mishandling, neglect, accidentally banged, dropped, cracked, etc., we cannot just replace it. We will ask you to send us images, and may request that the actual growler be shipped (at customer expense) for us to evaluate to see if it falls into the above category. We really, really like it when our customers are happy - and we will try to resolve any issue in the fairest way possible.
    • Limitation of Liability Policy; Upon purchase, receipt, and/or use, you (the user) agree to hold harmless Carlburg Pottery,LLC.. Carlburg Pottery ( and its owner and offices, heirs, or employees of any and all product liability. You agree that the above-mentioned will not be held responsible or liable for any consequential, direct or indirect or special loss, injury, or accidents caused by the growlers, moonshine jugs, whiskey jugs, facejugs, bottles or other items that we produce, promote, and/or sell. In all cases, the user assumes full responsibility and all risk associated with the use of our products. It is your (the user's) responsibility to check local laws in order to be compliant with the purchase of, and transportation of alcoholic beverages in said growlers, whiskey jugs, moonshine jugs, bottles, or other products that we produce, promote, and/or sell.

    Do you ship out of the country?

    • Yes! We can and have shipped all over the world. 

    How long will it take for my growler to arrive?

    • Your order will ship within 2 business days. Shipping times vary, please allow 6-10 business days for delivery. 

    Do we accept wholesale accounts?

    Unfortunately the answer is no. In the past, I have worked with some of the largest names in the brewing industry. However, as a one-man shop, I now just prefer to focus on and work on the very special, one-of-a-kind pieces of art.  

    My state requires a government warning label. Do you guys put those on your growlers?

    • Yes! We now have Government Warning labels to send with each growler. You can choose whether or not to affix it to your growler.