The world's finest Handmade Growlers for Handmade Beer.

Historically, pottery has played a significant, yet often overlooked functional role in the lives of countless generations around the world. Traditional American pottery was often not fancy, nor pretty; it was functional and served a very specific purpose as a cooking, drinking, or storage vessel. Use of this pottery was centered upon the communal acts of cooking, eating, or sharing a drink.

Having been aesthetically drawn to early American pottery, I immediately identified with its simplicity, heft and substance. I admire that most early American potters did not necessarily make art for a living; they made wares; rudimentary pieces for daily use prior to refrigeration and mass-produced glassware. They made simple, functional and durable goods.

It is from this perspective that I create my growlers, flasks, bottles and cups.

Like many of the potters before me, I am making simple, functional pots that can be used on a daily basis. It is my intention that they will be used and enjoyed by their owners; not just placed on a shelf. Through use, they will become part of those special interactions. They will eventually take on marks of wear, a proud patina that is a direct reflection of where they have been and how they have served.

As a mostly self-taught potter living in an isolated corner of America - nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, I find that inspiration and innovation often come at times of intense concentration and during heavy production cycles. However, I also find solace, rejuvenation and endless amounts of inspiration when I step out of the studio and into the clear skies of the mountains, while dipping my feet into an icy cold river or enjoying the slow pace of nature under the banner of the ever-changing Big Sky.